Martinsried, April 2, 2024: inCare, the virtual health company, announced that it is participating and presenting its solutions at LSX World Congress 2024 in London.

Healthtech Leaders forms part of the 10th LSX World Congress which gathers the founders and CEOs of innovative start-ups through to healthcare giants, and everyone in between. 

In the face of a more open, flexible, progressive policy to digitalisation, and an ever-growing, tech-savvy market place, the perfect ecosystem for digital health, health technologies and deeptech is here. The pandemic has further accelerated the demand and focus on digital solutions across the health and care systems and innovation is happening at record pace.

inCare is presenting its latest update of the virtual digital platforms and will give a future outlook on new development programs.

About InCare

inCare is offering disease agnostic virtual care solutions including personalized and predictive care-at-home monitoring for acute patients and post-acute care.

We are transforming care by extending virtual health care beyond monitoring and offering deeper insights about patient health patterns, data and medication treatment effectiveness and side effects, leading to more informed healthcare decisions and better outcomes for everyone involved.

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